I want to be an Underdog


Finding Nemo, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Karate Kid, Rocky and Cool Runnings.  What do all of these movies have in common?  Underdogs.  All of these movies are great and have heart tugging story lines because they are scripted around the "underdog".  If you are anything like me, you have been guilty of jumping up during the climax of a movie as the underdog does the impossible.  Somehow and in some way, the underdog conquers the insurmountable mountain, defeats the formidable giant or beats the overwhelming odds to do what no one thought possible. 

The story always starts the same.  Usually, we first encounter the underdog as a loser who cannot catch a break, doesn't have what it takes and as a result has a life filled with heartache.  One thing you will notice is that their circumstances of losing is preceded by an attitude, thinking patterns and a perspective that aligns with being an underdog.  The underdog is hit with a constant barrage of reminders that they will never measure up and that by themselves they will never be enough.  One of the hardest and darkest parts of every movie is when the underdog believes they will never be enough and soon thereafter their actions and circumstances become self fulfilling prophecies. 

All of us underdog lovers know the story doesn't end there and there is always an epic moment.  It is the moment where someone enters the story with the power to re-write the ending.  This character is the person who speaks to the true identity of the underdog and awakens them to the reality of who they really are beyond their past failures.  The epic moment always brings the underdog to an awareness that there is something stronger deep inside.  Another gear that they have to move faster, stronger and succeed like never before.  The underdogs come to a realization that it was in them all along if they were to just believe.  Yes it is a belief in one's self that rises forth, but it’s also an awareness that others in their story and community believe in them as well. 

I believe we are sitting on the greatest generations of underdogs we have seen in our history.  Young men and women all around us have the potential to be the great world changers and problems solvers we so desperately need right now.  What do they ask from us?  Belief.  They need our belief and faith in who they really are and were meant to be.  Our future leaders need to hear our voice awakening them to the greatness that lies just beneath the surface.  Today's generation turns to things that distract, numb their pain and present empty facades because they are not living aligned to who they really are.  They are underdogs with "overachievement" in their futures...if together, we all help them believe. 

Here is the kicker.  We don't have to come up with some incredible half-time speech or a dynamic dialogue in the corner of the boxing ring during the 10th round.  We simply have to point them to Jesus; to what he says and what he thinks about them!  He is the author of their lives and according to Psalm 139 has been crafting their comeback well before the underdogs were even born.  As a matter of fact, he says in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is all you need.  My power works best in weakness.  So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”

If you or someone you know is feeling weak, without power and not enough, then rejoice.  Get excited because your underdog story is just underway and God loves to show off when no one thinks it can be done.  Start reminding yourself and others how God sees you and how He sees your situations.  Underdogs have to declare and live in new ways of thinking before they move into new ways of doing.  Once that happens, it won't be long before the underdog is the star of the movie and is hoisted on the shoulders of other underdogs who dared believe together.  Oh and don't forget, the reason you love the underdog is because (as kids would say), "it takes one to know one"!  YOU "underdog" you! 

Brad Pearse